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Life is compiled by a series of moments that lead to memories that define our story. We tend to focus on the great ones in order to give us hope and enjoy our lives. The moment when you finally meet your soul mate and want to take them as your partner for eternity is one of the most memorable ones. At De La Garza we take this moment very serious and would like to make the journey to your wedding day as laid back and painless as possible but yet going above and beyond.

For majority of men this is the first time that they take the leap to acquire a tailored made suit. There are a lot of questions and concerns that all men have so, De La Garza is here to take the time to listen, answer questions, and give advice that comes from over 8 years of experience but a lifetime of knowledge. And above all to take your idea transform it into a concept and make it a reality.

De La Garza invites you and your fiancée to come and spend some time with our team and transform your day into one where you don’t have to worry about what your wearing but just be thinking about how many more memories you will be making with your loved one.


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